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Start a Zero Waste initiative by recycling. Did you know that it’s as important to recycle right as it is to recycle?
To help everyone recycle right, and recycle easily, Sustainable Westchester offers Recycle Right an app which you can download for free to your iPhone or Android for free from you app store or access it on your desktop!

Learn more about the Recycle Right app and your community’s participation by visiting our program page and find answers to your most difficult recycling questions from the app’s Recyclodepia in a most easy to access format — try it out for yourself here.


Creating a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Creating a Zero Waste lifestyle does not have to be done perfectly, nor does it mean you have to undertake every action at once! Join Sustainable Westchester and our engaging, expert guests as they provide information and inspiration along with tips and resources in each episode. Whether novice or expert, yourself, you’ll walk away with the confidence to get going on your own

Don’t throw it!

Bring it to a Repair Café!

A Repair Cafe is a free community event; it’s fun, information & easy. Here’s how it works…you bring your broken but beloved items, and together with volunteer repair coaches, the items get FIXED! There is no guarantee that every item can be fixed, but having a good time while trying is guaranteed! Learn more, find a Repair Cafe nearest you, or start one in your own community

Wishcycle For Restricted & Hard
to Recycle Items

Curbside municipal pickup is often restricted in what they can accept for recycling. So, what can we do with ALL the stuff that’s technically recyclable when there isn’t a municipal option available? Check out the options below:

Terracycle is one of the biggest players in the hard-to-recycle industry. It is a New Jersey based company that offers recycling options for a variety of items, ranging from toys, to cosmetics, to even water filtration systems.

Join Terracycle Loop, it is offering consumer products in a reusable containers that can be shipped back for refilling the same product again, instead of the packaging being recycled or down-cycled into something else. To learn how it works visit Loop’s website.

End the Cycle of Pre-Packaging

Wish you could break free from buy-use-recycle loop and the mounds of pre-packaging?

Plastic film packaging is soft, flexible polyethylene (PE) packaging such as grocery, bread, zip-top and dry cleaning bags. It’s also the wrap around many products including paper plates, napkins, bathroom tissue, diapers, and more. To recycle your plastic film, first make sure that it is clean (e.g., no food residue) and dry. Then, take it to your nearest drop-off location for recycling – It is as easy as taking it with you on your next trip to the grocery store!

Community by joining
the Zero Waste
Advisory Board.


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