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Westchester Power Solar Credit Offering


Welcome to the Westchester Power Solar Credit offering

The Solar Credit offering provides participating community members with guaranteed savings of up to 10% off electricity bills by matching them with a local solar farm. Using the New York State community solar model, this offering allows participants to benefit from solar energy through monetary savings, with no installation needed on the participants’ property. Eligible community members for the Solar Credit offering will be notified in the mail and automatically enrolled unless they opt-out. There is no cost to participate, no cost to cancel, and no need to undergo a credit screening to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

The Solar Credit offering advances climate justice by delivering savings first to communities that will benefit most. Currently, households who are in ConEd and NYSEG assistance programs in participating municipalities will be prioritized for enrollment in this offering. As sufficient local solar farm capacity becomes available, the offering will be expanded to more households, including those not enrolled in ConEd and NYSEG’s assistance programs.

To understand if you are currently eligible for the Westchester Power solar credit offering, please select your utility service from the clickable buttons below.

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Notification and enrollment process:
1. Sustainable Westchester performs targeted outreach in each participating municipality through meetings, webinars, etc.
2. Notification letters are sent to each eligible household in a participating municipality as local solar farm capacity becomes available.
3. Eligible community members have 30 days to opt out before being automatically enrolled as subscribers to the Solar Credit offering.
4. Households that choose not to opt out of the offering are matched to a specific local solar farm for enrollment using NYS community solar model.

Understanding how savings are applied on participant’s electricity bills

1. A solar credit (monetary saving) is provided to the participant based on how much electricity is produced by the portion of the local solar farm the participant was allocated
2. A subscription fee is applied for the solar credit equal to 90% of the solar credit
3. After the subscription fee reduces the solar credit by 90%, the participant retains 10% of the solar credit savings. As long as participants remain enrolled in the Solar Credit offering, their electricity bill will reflect up to 10% savings each month for up to 20 years.

Click here to see sample electricity bills with the Solar Credit offering for ConEd and NYSEG.

The Solar Credit offering uses NYS’s community solar model

Step 1. No Installation of Solar panels needed on the participant’s home. Renters are welcome! Eligible participants are allocated a portion of a local solar farm based on their historic annual electricity usage.
Step 2. Solar energy generated from the farm is delivered to the local power grid.
Step 3. Solar energy generated by the solar farm earns participants solar credits (monetary savings), reducing their monthly electricity bill.


How do solar credit savings appear on your electricity bills?:


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