Welcome to the Westchester Power energy choice form

The Westchester Power supply service for the Con Ed territory (excluding Yonkers), on temporary pause since the
last contract ended on June 30 (customers were switched back to Con Edison standard supply in the interim), will resume
again with a new contract starting November 1. Click here for more information.

I’m here because…

  • Responding to a Letter in the Mail. If you recently received a letter in the mail notifying you of your eligibility to participate, and you want to change supply option or opt-out. You will need to enter your PRE-ENROLLMENT ID # found on the mail-in form.
  • Want to Change Your Enrollment Choice. If you are currently enrolled in the program, to opt-in or opt-out or change supply, please select your utility and enter your utility account number (found on your bill) and then follow the prompts.
  • You are not in the program now, but would like to enroll. That’s usually because you’ve opted out before, or perhaps you were with another supplier until recently.
  • Unsure If You Are in the Program. If you are unsure if you are in the program please click here – this information can help you read your utility bill.

Consumer Choice

You always have the ability to opt-out or switch supply at any time without penalties or fees. You can opt-in or between the renewable or standard supply options. Current rates and rate comparisons can be found here.

Westchester Power Rates for Con Edison (other than Yonkers) participants
100% Renewable Supply: 15.128 cents/kWh
Standard Supply: 13.364 cents/kWh

Historical rate comparisons can be found here.

Use this form to opt in, out, or change your supply option

1. Choose Your Municipality. The form will direct you from there.

2. Changes to Take Effect Within 1-2 Billing Cycles. The changes you are making today will be reflected on your utility bill within 1-2 billing cycles depending on where you are in your current billing cycle.