July 2022 Request For Proposals for Accounts in Con Edison Utility Territory

The contract for Westchester Power municipalities in the Con Edison utility territory ends on June 30, 2022. Sustainable Westchester will be issuing an RFP through it’s agent, Transparent Energy, at the beginning of July for a supplier to service the territory starting November 1, 2022. Interested firms should inquire with Transparent Energy, care of:

Jamil Ahmed
Transparent Energy, Director of Operations
(862) 210-8770

Corrections and modifications to ESA subsequent to posting

(We’ll record anything found here and these will be incorporated into the final document)

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7/11/2022 Updates

Mostly minor housekeeping. More notable:

3.4.2 – Specifying New Customer mailing timings.

3.4.3 and 3.4.4 – reinforcing (has always been the case) that non Opt-out eligible customers are only enrolled at Supplier discretion.

5.7 Clarifying additional mailing scope/format.

7.5 Wording-only change (not substantive) regarding auction service company fee.

7/14/2022 Update

3.4.3 Clarifying last New Customer addition obligations