Virtual Power Plant Pilot

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Program where a clean and reliable energy future for you and your community is the plan! Sustainable Westchester has partnered with sonnen, a global leader in innovative clean energy solutions with over 10-years of expertise, to bring a unique energy pilot program to residents in Westchester County Con Edison territories that keeps you safe and powered while building a pathway to a cleaner energy future for all.

Each sonnenCommunity member home receives locally generated clean energy, at a discounted rate, in addition to resiliency with solar plus a sonnen home battery that safely, sustainably and reliably protects homes during power outages. This special program offers eligible residents the opportunity to join a first-of-its kind community that is focused on sustainability, resiliency, and cleaner living for residents and Westchester county.

Program Member Benefits:

By joining the sonnenCommunity New York VPP Pilot Program, you will receive exclusive benefits that include:

  • Clean, healthy, and reliable energy
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Safe backup power for resiliency and energy security during grid outages
  • Potential reduction in energy costs
  • Protection from future changes in solar net-metering, Time-of-Use rates, and demand charges with bulletproof solar
  • Membership in a sonnenCommunity that is pioneering a cleaner energy future
  • Special Referral Reward Program — ask us for more details!

What is unique about
the sonnenCommunity
New York VPP Pilot Program?

Unlike a typical solar program, the VPP Program represents an evolution in the use of renewable energy that allows for the balance of locally generated solar with the needs of the home and the community at large, transforming your solar system into a valuable and dynamic energy asset for the future. It is the first-of-its-kind sonnenCommunity in the US where member homes have solar plus a sonnen ecoLinx home battery that is virtually linked to other member homes and intelligently managed as a virtual power plant or VPP. The VPP acts as a single hive and is capable of deploying enough stored sunshine at any given time to replace a traditional fossil fuel power plant.

The VPP technology allows for the effective use of solar to maximum savings and is the key to effectively transitioning Westchester county from a fossil fuel based electrical system, as solar alone cannot achieve the objective. In addition to enabling the energy transition, the sonnen ecoLinx system provides resiliency to members with safe, reliable backup power, as part of this unique solar program. sonnenCommunity members are therefore pioneers of a clean energy future.

How does the program work?

Starting in December 2020, sonnen and Sustainable Westchester will provide financial offers from select renewable energy infrastructure investment firms to our exclusive group of potential sonnenCommunity New York VPP members. Upon acceptance into the program and selection of an offer, members will pay an upfront Membership Fee to the investor, prepaying for energy consumed during grid outages and access to home energy security monitoring. Members will also pay an ongoing monthly Membership Fee, which may be static or dynamic, depending on the specific offer. When compared to the typical price of electricity + the price of a gas generator for backup power, the savings for the VPP member will be clear.


Who is eligible?

In order to qualify for this program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an existing Con Edison utility customer
  • Own a home in Westchester County
  • Complete an initial home and energy assessment with an approved solar contractor

Watch the VPP webinar to learn more.

How do I become a member?

Sign up below if you are interested in becoming a clean energy pioneer by receiving Membership offers for the sonnenCommunity New York VPP Program. If you choose the option to fast-track to the assessment phase, we will provide your contact information to a local sonnen certified installation partner to schedule an appointment.

By checking the box above you consent to be contacted by Sustainable Westchester, sonnen and/or one of sonnen’s certified installation partners in your area to receive relevant information about the sonnenCommunity New York VPP Program. Your consent can be revoked at any time by sending an e-mail to