Sealed makes it easy and affordable to get professional HVAC and insulation upgrades.
Modern life isn’t possible without heating and cooling. The trouble is, the way we heat and cool our homes is stuck in the past. They’re too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and too wasteful all year long. Sealed modernizes houses with the latest HVAC, weatherproofing, and smart home technology. So your house feels just right, for years to come.
Sealed prioritizes ease, affordability and accountability. We’ll match you with one of our local certified home performance contractors and manage the installation process from scheduling to installation. Plus, we stand behind our work. The Sealed payment program covers the upfront costs of your home upgrades. You repay us based on the energy you save after the work is done. And if we don’t reduce your energy use? Then we don’t get paid.
We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Westchester make their homes more comfortable and efficient.

Work Performed: Air Source Heat Pump, Heat Pump Water Heater, Home Energy Efficiency

Experience with Condos: No

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Hours for Audits: M-F 9AM-6PM.