The Town and Village of Pelham, Eco-Pel, and the Village of Pelham Climate Smart Communities Task Force have partnered to bring EnergySmart Homes Pelham to our community! With our partners at Sustainable Westchester, Con Ed, NYSERDA, you have the opportunity to significantly reduce your home energy consumption, lower your energy bills, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the year-round comfort and value of your home.


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EnergySmart Homes Webinar Recordings

Launch of EnergySmart Homes Pelham Webinar – February 4, 2021
Launch of EnergySmart Homes Pelham Webinar – February 4, 2021

Launch of EnergySmart Homes Pelham Webinar – February 4, 2021

EnergySmart Homes Ambassadors

EnergySmart Homes Pelham is brought to you by a committed group of Pelham residents, with support from municipal staff and Sustainable Westchester.

Meet our team members!

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EnergySmart Homes Campaign Lead
Environmental Coalition of the Pelhams (EcoPel) Board Member

Anna Riehl

A Pelham resident for more than 23 years, Anna has served the community through various not-for-profits in the arts and athletics. Most recently she had turned her attention and passion toward environmental advocacy and activism. Anna has become an active member of the Village of Pelham, Climate Smart Communities Task Force which works under the auspices of the Sustainability Advisory Board. She serves on the Waste committee and is currently pursuing implementation of the Food Scrap Recycling initiative.

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Eco-Pel Board Member

Melissa Eustace

Melissa is a 16-year resident of Pelham and long-time environmental activist. She and a small group of concerned environmentalists founded EcoPel in 2013 in an effort to spur green action in
the community. Always an animal lover, Melissa grew more concerned with the state of the environment after the birth of her first son in 1999, when it became more apparent to her that overwhelming burden of chemicals and plastic in our environment would be harmful to life.
Melissa recently purchased a new home in Pelham with an oil-fired boiler. Together with her plumber, she has researched electric heat pump
technologies for cooling and heating this new home and has plans to install such a system in the near future. She would like to encourage more home- and business-owners in Pelham to adopt this emissions-free technology. In addition to being a board member of EcoPel, Melissa is on the Village of Pelham’s Climate-Smart Communities task force, and the boards of the Progressive Women of Pelham and the Pelham Education Foundation. She is the Communications and Operations Director at the New York City-based International Senior Lawyers Project.

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Eileen Madden Osmolskis

My husband Paul Osmolskis and I have lived in Pelham for 31 years. We were motivated to install solar panels on our house by the Solarize Pelham campaign. I view EnergySmart Westchester as the logical next step for our community to contribute to the effort to manage climate change. I retired as Director of Scientific Affairs from Nestlé USA where I was involved in issues concerning food safety, agricultural sustainability and environmental pollution and I look forward to helping advance the application of practical technology.

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Village of Pelham Climate Smart Communities Task Force Member, President of Pelham Eliminates Plastics.

Nadine LeeSang

Growing up, I became very upset at our current climate crisis that my generation inherited. This effort is important to me because I believe we need more people putting in their best effort towards making their lives more sustainable and HeatSmart is a step in that direction.

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Village of Pelham Administrator’s Office

Cara Farrell, VoP

After graduating from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry with her BS in Environmental Studies, Cara knew she wanted to be involved in sustainability efforts in her community. Cara then earned her MPA (Masters in Public Administration) from SUNY The College at Brockport and started her career by working in the Village of Pittsford, along the Erie Canal. In 2019, Cara moved to Pelham and began her work in the Administrator’s Office working hand-in-hand with the Village Administrator, Board of Trustees and Sustainability Advisory Board. Since beginning her tenure with the Village of Pelham, Cara has worked on several environmental projects including the certification process of becoming a Bronze-Certified Climate Smart
Community, a successful application for Sustainable Westchester’s Heatsmart Residential Campaign and the launch of food scrap recycling program.
Cara is hopeful these and future initiatives will bring some much-needed attention to the idea that local actions impact the globe as a whole.

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Board Member, EcoPel

Bret Grabel

All environmental initiatives are important to me. My neighbors using less fossil fuel to heat and cool their homes is no exception. I am a proud volunteer & participant in the EnergySmart Homes initiative.

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Lindsay Preftakes

Prior to moving to Pelham, Lindsay worked in market research and development of educational materials for public health and education departments throughout the country. Subjects included the green jobs industry, home air, and
clean public water supplies. Her work experience also includes finance, accounting, and growing up in a large family-owned auto services company.
Lindsay has been an active member of EcoPel since 2016. She was the community outreach lead for Sustainable Westchester's Solarize Pelham campaign and elected President of EcoPel in 2018. She believes strongly in building
awareness about the consequences consumption has on the environment and hopes to use her business background and marketing experience to facilitate the transition of Pelham families into a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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Energy Smart Homes, Contractor Selection Committee Member and Village of Pelham Resident

Kevin Fleming

This effort is important to me because our community is heavily reliant on 100-year-old technology for home heating and it is both very inefficient and a significant contributor to pollution.

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Co-chair, Village of Pelham Sustainable Advisory Board

Yenna Chan

Through my architecture practice, I’ve seen increasing homeowner interest in sustainable design strategies. Therefore, I’m pleased to take part in reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions through community programs such as EnergySmart. Together, we can help slow climate change while enjoying more energy-efficient living environments heated and cooled with clean energy technologies.

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