GridRewards ™

Lower Your Carbon Footprint.
Save Energy. Earn Cash

  • Take Simple Energy Actions & Reduce Usage
  • Generate Savings
  • Respond to GridRewards Events & Earn Cash
  • Average households can earn over $100/year in cash


1. Go to the app on Google Play or App Store

2. Know your ConEd account number and be sure that you have online access to your ConEd account before you get going. (To complete your enrollment in the GridRewards program & earn cash, your ConEd account needs to be linked.)

Please email: or call (908) 517-3730. This dedicated helpline can troubleshoot or walk you through the signup process.

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How Does It Work?

1. Download the GridRewards app.

2. You reduce electricity when the app sends you an alert.

  • These are the most valuable times to save electricity. They often happen on a few hot summer afternoons, for a two to four hour period.
  • Use the handy checklist to know what actions to take.

3. GridRewards sends you a check in the mail!

  • If you save electricity on all of the GridRewards events, you’ll earn your maximum possible amount of money. GridRewards will send you a check in the mail for the amount you earned.
  • Where does the money come from? Participating utility companies want to incentivize customers to reduce electricity at peak demand times to avoid running old, inefficient power plants.

*GridRewards is open to residents, small to medium businesses, houses of worship, clubs, non municipal organizations and commercial accounts (any size) within Con Edison territory. Enrolled in the Con Edison Smart Thermostat program are ineligible for participation.

GridRewards – March 24 Webinar Recording

What is GridRewards?
What is GridRewards?

Get Paid to Reduce Energy Usage with GridRewards – March 24 Webinar Recording
Get Paid to Reduce Energy Usage with GridRewards – March 24 Webinar Recording

Refer A Friend
Give $10, get $10

Have your friends, neighbors and contacts use your referral code when they create an account. When they save electricity during GridRewards events, they will earn $10 and so will you. Everyone wins, including the planet!

There’s no limit to how many friends you can invite. Groups looking to use GridRewards referral fee as a fundraiser for their local group, please contact or materials and assistance.

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Community Testimonials

Small Change Adds Up. Hear from your Westchester neighbors about their experience with GridRewards.

A Closer Look

Launched in Spring 2021, GridRewards is the first personalized energy/carbon intelligence and revenue-generating software for residential and small commercial energy users, leveraging secure integrations into Con Edison’s new Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Core Features:

  • Grid-Interactive energy revenue-generating opportunities (“GridRewards”) for reducing usage at the highest carbon intensity hours
  • Personalized energy efficiency insights and recommended actions and real electricity, natural gas, and carbon usage tracking and performance data
  • Smart thermostat control and optimization
  • Real-time electric grid carbon intensity

Logical Buildings, a energy software developer, has created the GridRewards platform and an app to track usage in close to real time. As an aggregator, Logical Buildings collects revenues from the utility’s Demand Response programs and dispenses the majority of the revenues realized through participation in announced Demand Response events to the consumers.

So how does it work? There are a few times during the summer when you can earn cash back by taking simple actions, like raising your AC set points for a couple of hours. GridRewards will notify you when these events occur. While it’s good to save electricity year-round, GridRewards events are so important that your utility company is willing to pay you real money to reduce at peak times.

Why? When your utility company needs to meet your region’s peak electricity demand, they spin up older, less-efficient power plants that cost more money to maintain and release more carbon into the air per unit of electricity.

Where does the money come from? Con Edison wants to pay you to reduce electricity at peak demand times to reduce stress on the grid and avoid running the most polluting, carbon intense, power plants.

Who’s excluded? Participants enrolled in Smart Usage Rewards with Honeywell, Nest or Emerson Smart thermostats are ineligible.

2021 GridRewards Payment Details

The Impact

In 2021, the GridRewards community prevented more than 200 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere. That’s the same as:

  • Taking more than 11,000 homes completely off the grid during GridRewards events
  • Taking 15,000 cars off the road for a day
  • Offsetting more than 500,000 miles driven

More good news!
Donations to Environmental Groups!

Information for Building Owners, Property Managers and Homeowners Associations

Attention property managers – we have valuable information to share on how to help your residents combat record high energy bills. #GridRewards, a cutting-edge climate tech product that pays residents/tenants of buildings for reducing energy usage and cutting carbon emissions.

Questions About GridRewards…

Questions About GridRewards…