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Wondering how heat pumps and energy efficiency can work in your own home? Scroll through the page to see videos, case studies and articles about how local homeowners are saving money and energy with clean energy upgrade projects.

Air Source Heat Pumps + An Induction Stove in Sleepy Hollow

The Arons family moved to Sleepy Hollow in November 2019 and set out to renovate their home’s insulation and air-conditioning systems. Thanks to New York State’s EmPower program, the family was able to pursue these energy-efficient upgrades. The program provides funding for eligible customers looking to make home energy upgrades, and helped the Arons family schedule a free home energy assessment. The family has since installed four air-source heat pumps, and uses solar panels for electricity. These new systems have not only made the Arons’ heating bills more consistent and affordable; they have also helped to build a better, more sustainable future for the family’s children.

Heat Pump Hot Water Heater in Tarrytown

Tarrytown homeowner, Dean Gallea, talks about the benefits of replacing his old gas powered hot water heater with clean, efficient heat pump hot water heater.

Geothermal Upgrade in Pelham

Mike and Amy wanted to make their Pelham residence the perfect place to raise their two children – despite the lack of air conditioning, disruptive oil heating system, and improper insulation in the 105-year-old home. When they set out to make upgrades to the historic house, they contacted Dandelion Geothermal and quickly discovered how these upgrades could benefit both their home and their wallet. Not only have their heating bills become far more affordable, but their home has also become much more comfortable.

The Power of Geothermal + Energy Efficiency in Hastings

Hastings-on-Hudson homeowners Haven and Don explored ground source heat pumps as a possible home heating and cooling option two years ago, as their furnace clearly reached the end of its life. Already determined to wean themselves from fossil fuels, they worked with Sustainable Westchester to line up Dandelion, a Google company that was just beginning its operations in the Hudson Valley. “Dandelion helped us get credits to bring our $40,000 quote way down, even below what we would have spent to install a new furnace,” says Haven.

Ductless Mini Split Air Source Heat Pumps in Hastings

The Forrest Family upgraded their gas powered steam heat radiators to clean and efficient ductless mini split air source heat pumps.

LEED Silver Home in Scarsdale

This craftsman-built colonial-style home, with the latest environmental features, maximizes comfort for sustainable and energy-efficient family living! (featured in Westchester Magazine, March 2021


A win-win for us!
A win-win for us!

“A win-win for us!”

– Renato D., Dobbs Ferry

Adding the heat pumps was one
Adding the heat pumps was one

“Adding the heat pumps was one our best investments!”

– Kathy D., Dobbs Ferry

If you care about climate change
If you care about climate change

“If you care about climate change, there’s something you can actually do.”

– Haven C., Hastings-on-Hudson

I have both ducted and ductless mini splits
I have both ducted and ductless mini splits

“I have both ducted and ductless mini splits, best thing I ever spent money on.”

– Charles V. Minozzi Jr., Building Inspector, Village of Hastings-on-Hudson

Our cottage was warmed up with
Our cottage was warmed up with

“Our cottage was warmed up with the heat pumps, we love it!”

– Dan W., Lewisboro

Pairing our new heat pumps
Pairing our new heat pumps

“Pairing our new heat pumps with energy efficiency upgrades made sense.”

– Sarah S., Sleepy Hollow

We love how quiet our geothermal
We love how quiet our geothermal

“We love how quiet our geothermal heating and cooling system is”

– Michele R., Pound Ridge

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