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What Can We Do?

2020 Goal = An Electric Vehicle in Every Garage

Sustainable Westchester has fully embraced the challenge that 27% of our greenhouse gas footprint is transportation. We are very enthusiastic about the resurgence in interest in non-automobile mobility and have actively promoted public transportation and the “complete streets” approach to making our roads accessible to all modes of movement and an integral part of a livable community.

Still, the automobile remains the primary tool for travel within Westchester County and so the Clean Transportation program has placed a high priority on the transition to electric vehicles.

  • New York Plug-In Electric Vehicle Toll Discount- discounts and incentives for qualified vehicles – register with
    E-ZPass New York.
  • New York Plug-In Electric Vehicle Rebate Program-NYSERDA provides rebates up to $2,000 for purchase or lease of eligible plug-in EV’s.
    NYSERDA Information.
  • Learn all about electric vehicles and find programs to help you purchase and reliably charge your car.
    Con Edison Information.
program clean transportation project

The Dealership Experience

Starts with research — comparison shop. When choosing a dealership be sure they are truly interested in helping you get that EV! As with any car purchase, a test drive and understanding delivery time are both important. With EV’s, begin by understanding the model’s operating range and how running the heat and/or air conditioning affect the range. Here are some other important questions; we’ve gotten you started with some answers but ask your dealer, as specifics may be dependent on the brand/model and specific dealerships.

Exclusive Dealer Discount Programs

Sustainable Westchester

Supports Ridesharing

511NY Rideshare assists individuals with finding easy, affordable and sustainable alternatives to driving alone. Their ridematching platform helps travelers connect with the community to find carpools to join based on their trip criteria and profile preferences. To find a carpool match, travelers can enter their start and end locations in the box to the left, hosted by 511NY Rideshare. 511NY Rideshare members also have access to additional benefits such as vanpool formation and the Guaranteed Ride Program. For more information on these resources visit today!