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Municipalities are leaders in the ongoing expansion of electric vehicles and associated infrastructure (i.e. charging stations). As purchase prices of electric vehicles continue to fall while their technology and performance subsequently improves, electrification becomes not just a feasible option, but a logical one. Strategic implementation of public charging stations will encourage residents to consider making their next vehicle purchase an electric one, and also expand access of personal vehicles to communities that otherwise may not be able to afford the cost of vehicle ownership. Most importantly, several federal- and state-level funding opportunities exist to aid municipalities in facilitating community electrification.

Leading by Example

Let Sustainable Westchester be the municipal resource for consultation and development of municipal fleet conversion, coordination of charging infrastructure.

With Sustainable Westchester’s guidance, municipalities can update public fleets with cost-effective, mission compatible electric vehicles that put municipalities into a leadership role in clean transportation models. JORGE: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL PUSH OFF TO THE FLEET CONVERSION BLOCK

Sustainable Westchester can also help you navigate incentives, rebates and charging station infrastructure. JORGE: THIS WILL PUSH OFF TO THE CHARGING STATION BLOCKS. THE PDFs WILL MIGRATE TO THE CHARGING STATION PAGE.

NYCharing Infrastructure Webinar & Workshop 

NY Incentives Charging Infrastructure Guide

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Our experience and expertise will help to guide your municipality through fleet electrification and address any questions or concerns that arise along the way. To learn more, contact JORGE: THIS NEEDS TO BE A LIVE LINK TO THE CT EMAIL. THANK YOU!