Clean Energy Internship Program

This paid position is best filled by a college student, recent college graduate or an 18-to 24-year-old participating in a work-preparedness training program. Preview the full job description. To apply, email Lauren at

Meet Sustainable Westchester’s Clean Energy Internship Alumni

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Humza Mumtaz

Winter 2020-2021 Internship
College: King’s College London, class of 2020

As an intern for Sustainable Westchester, I had the opportunity to get involved in many different jobs which I loved. Some days, I would be speaking to homeowners about clean energy technology and some days, I would be creating videos and content for our website. I liked how I gained exposure to sales and was able to shape the role myself and offer input on many decisions. It was great to be able to work with amazing people and know that the work I was doing was having a direct positive impact on the environment and my community. Even though the internship was largely remote due to the pandemic, I was still able to get out to events like the local farmer’s market, taking photos at a client’s (resident) home, and marketing Sustainable Westchester events around town. Moving forward, I find myself using a lot of the skills I picked up at SW. Not only was the work great, the people were also fantastic and I got a ton of exposure to amazing environmental resources and webinars which I learned a lot from. Overall, the internship was a really well rounded experience and I am definitely glad I had the opportunity.

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Amy Liang

Summer and Fall 2021 Internship
Binghamton University, Class of 2021

My time at Sustainable Westchester has been filled with interesting projects and working with an amazing team. As a clean energy associate, my role mainly focuses on supporting community campaigns, residential and municipal engagement, and researching potential collaborations and project funds. To support community campaigns, I help organize events and outreach initiatives that connect Westchester residents with resources to promote energy efficient solutions in their homes. I also support developing marketing materials and homeowner testimonials to help families better understand the benefits of home energy efficiency. The staff at Sustainable Westchester are sustainability experts and their leadership in clean energy has made my experience working here so rewarding!

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Sylvie Binder

I worked at Sustainable Westchester for about 3 months between my junior and senior year of college at Columbia University. I worked on so many business development projects over that short span of time, and I am very proud of the direct impact my work had on the county. First, I helped to organize the first-ever Green Hydrogen Roundtable in New York State. Additionally, I helped further data analysis on enabling conditions for solar energy + battery storage in Con Edison territory, and provided organizational and promotional assistance associated with the launch of GridRewards, a residential and small commercial demand response program. I felt that these two projects had the potential to empower users to see sustainability as ethical as well as logical and financially sound. "Through this internship, I learned ways to help the average person see that making the world a cleaner place and acting in their best financial interest does exist."

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Will Borowka

I enjoyed my internship with Sustainable Westchester tremendously. I valued getting to work with folks whose experience ranged from business development and marketing to community outreach and partnership to a more technical, “nitty-gritty” approach with sustainability. As such, I developed a variety of skills that were integral for me in helping to build and advance my own professional career. I highly recommend an internship with Sustainable Westchester for anyone aiming to learn new skills and make direct impacts on the sustainable initiatives going on in our own backyard!

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Liam Enea

I worked in business development on the GridRewards demand response program and a solar-plus-storage pilot. Sustainable Westchester opened my eyes to the universe of energy markets, utilities regulation, electricity rate structures, and incentives programs from behind the data. Their partnerships and programs are a course in moral and effective emissions reduction and have inspired my career in the energy sector.

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