Director of Zero Waste Westchester

Neha Dhanik

Neha Dhanik joined the Sustainable Westchester team in 2018 to create the ‘Zero Waste Westchester’ program. Neha is leading an effort to implement a shared service program for 12 Westchester municipalities. This project includes a new “one-stop” website for waste and recycling information in order to help municipalities and residents, communicate, share and find information. Neha is working to make the website a collaborative platform among municipal Department of Public Works and local nonprofit organizations, donation centers and recyclers. She is also currently shoring up community support for local and on-site, backyard and community composting of food and yard waste.

Prior to joining the non-profit industry, Neha worked in the private sector where she delivered a variety of projects in the chemical industry, including research & development, process engineering & improvement, environmental regulatory permitting and reporting, carbon offsets, and renewable energy credits. More recently, Neha has consulted private and public investors on green technology startups. She has co-authored industry reports that cover technological, economic and market assessments of bio-based chemicals and fuels, as well as conversion processes for turning waste into fuel.

Neha immigrated to the USA ten years ago and spent a few years in San Francisco, CA and Houston, TX before coming to Westchester County. After her work experience in the chemical industry, she joined a community-focused effort to apply her knowledge to benefit her local environment. What immediately struck her about Westchester was its awe-inspiring natural beauty complete with all four seasons! Neha and her husband live in Elmsford with their 5-year-old daughter. They love going on hikes in the fall, camping in the summer, and skiing and sledding in the winter.